Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Runner's Log, October 12, 2004

3440 steps
0:32:47 h:mm:ss

I have to go see the guy who made my shoe inserts, my legs are killing. Last week I chalked it up to time away from the old tarmac, but it has persisted. So I think what happened is that when he installed the neoprene top, it over emphasized the arch support causing my feet to roll even more. In effect he actually made things worse not better. Fortunately he stands behind his work, and they were fine before the neoprene pad, so I just need him to shave down the arch support a little. Hopefully no problem. Anyways my heart rate when I measured it was 130, which is right in my target heart rate for weight loss, and I took that measurement at the end of my cool down so that's good. The thing is, I want to be out there and hour and I can't break 40, with out breaking me. Well lets see how soon I can get my inserts fixed and then we will start discussing modifying something else, one variable at a time.

G out

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