Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mount St Helen's

As a dutiful blogger I have decided to comment on the news of the day, and one of the top stories of course is Mount St Helen's. As it seems eruption is once again imminent, and as I have no ready.gov symbol to represent volcanic danger (terrorist induced or not,) I am left with the responsibility of reminding you the public of the danger of volcano's with a photographic history of the 1980 eruption.

Pre Eruption:

during Eruption: (Ahhh run away)

Post Eruption:

So remember, don't be afraid, be ready, and get the hell of the mountain!

These photo's were brought to you from my mother's Mount St Helen's Salt and Pepper shakers, purchased by 80% of all visitors (okay 80% is a guess, but its probably not far off.)

Oh yeah, late update, the link on the title takes you off to the volcanocam pointing at Helen, you will note that the Casecade mountain range looks more believable then my own version.

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Unknown said...

Started running back in July, my friend Kevin got me started, he took it up maybe a year and half before that, and did his first triathalon this summer (and his second, third, and maybe fourth and fifth (I would have to ask.)) I have no aspirations of triathalite, but its a good way to get into shape, which I am not in, yet... as per todays log.