Monday, October 18, 2004

Well then, I think I have gone quiet mad. That's the second piece of non-sense and gibberish to come out of me today, and this one might be shaping up to be a third. I can hardly blame the old noggin; clearly something is up with all this thumping. It is just the damn weather, its changing, always changes in the fall, and spring, and with it the pressure. When the pressure changes, I get headaches, and they are not the kind that medication always helps. So I blather and try and ignore them. Also I can't take all the blame because odd poetry runs in the family, just ask my sister about the eyeballs hanging from the ceiling. I hope her new boyfriend isn't reading this by strange chance; I would so much like not to give the wrong impression. It's not that Jenn, my sister, is not weird, far from it - none of us lot are normal - but I don't need him knowing that, at least not right away. Perhaps I would feel better after a nice long nap, along the lines of those taken by Mr. Wodin; see The long dark tea time of the soul for an explanation. Hmmm a spot of tea might just be nice.

Any who, cheerio.

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