Wednesday, September 15, 2004


New Game! Yeah! Got my paws on Fable just before the game, so I didn't get a lot of play, but its good so far. For those of you who haven't heard yet, Fable is the next game from the creator of Populous, and Black and White, as such its all about open ended, and morals. The game play is good; I think my only disappointment was with the XP system. I was expecting your character to just grow into the character you are playing, ie fighter gets big and beefy, mage gets all twiggy. Instead, you get general xp, and then special xp for strength, skill and will, and then you buy skills, but your special xp can only be spent on related skills. So a fighter still gets beefy because he gets almost exclusively strength xp, but it happens mechanically when the player opts to spend that xp, and not organically from within the game. Please understand this doesn't seriously affect the game or my opinion, it is in fact the ONLY bad thing I have encountered, and there are about a million reviews out there ready to extol its virtue so trust me when I say it's a great game, I just can't wait to get deep into it.

Good, Bad? I'm the guy with the gun. -Ash (not Ash Catchum) Army of Darkness.

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