Friday, September 17, 2004

Dogs with no Skin 2, or See Milla Jovovich's boobies (or lack there of)

This Wednesday Erin and I watched Resident Evil: Apocalypse. It was exactly like I expected, with a small twist. What I anticipated was a mindless romp of zombie killing and plot holes, and I got it. The twist was that the secret laboratory, sinisterly referred to as 'the hive,' is buried bellow Hawthorn Village. What I'm saying is a perfect job opportunity for Erin in the mad scientisting business is just a short drive from our new home (which is part of Hawthorn Village.) To her disappointment the Hive doesn't really exist, and if it did, it doesn't any more as they nuked it, and all of Toronto while they were at it. (sorry, excuse me, "Raccoon City.")
I enjoyed it, but it is definitely a movie you have to turn the brain off for. For the record Erin and I noticed at least one big 'mistake' in the movie. There are a number of 3d animations of Milla when she is in drug induced comas at various mad scientist labs through out the movie. These "medical scans" of her depicted that she has breasts, ample ones in fact. These images are in fact contrary to the very truth they show on the screen, as you in fact get full upper body frontal nudity with Milla, and she in fact has no bosom at all. So they gave the artists some creative license, because it sure didn't look like her, but whatever, I just think it was funny to point out, and now some one googling for boobies, bosoms of breasts might find my site (and since its in reference to Milla, they might think they are getting celebrity pron as well.) So let the hit counters roll!

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