Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Finger fing's no more

It was the bottom of the zeroth, a high fly ball to right rover, a high throw fly ball to right rover, not like hit there or anything. Geoff backs up, backs up, backs up, its dropping, dropping, oh wait he has backed up to far. Or has he?
Apparently not, or so says my finger, the ball came in higher then I had expected and I had dropped my glove hand to catch the ball low, well I reacted quickly to try and knock the ball down that was coming for my face with my non-glove hand. That's when my finger stopped finging (if that is what fingers do?) The ball basically made my entire right pinkie finger compress, following that it got real numb and swollen, following that it got painful. In the time between numb and pain I managed to score a triple for the Raiders, but after that I was to pained to either throw or swing well. It didn't matter in the end anyway, the opposing team really turned around their fielding performance, and the Raiders lost. It was a lot closer game then we are used to, but I think we could have won.
That night when I got home I iced the finger hoping it would be okay, by morning it had pretty much swollen up to the size of a house and I couldn't move it. As fate would have it, I was taking a work at home day to deal with some blood tests my Dr needed. So I figured I would either go to my Dr, or the walk in and see what I could do. My Dr was booked solid, so that walk in is where I ended up. The first thing I did do was go to the lab for my blood tests, I should have known better, the mornings are always packed full of people doing 14 hour fasts for cholesterol and blood sugar tests, so I waited there for close to an hour for then to take one small vial of blood. On the up side the nurse had the magic touch with the needle, in and out without feeling a thing, which I think was great since last time I had Helga the Destroyer who I felt was using a rusty battle axe to draw my blood. So I told her as much, I figure not enough people get compliments on there work when its good, just negative remarks when it was bad, so I let the nurse know how great I thought her needle work was, I hope it had a good effect on her day, because I think service industry folk often get crapped on by the public at large.
So then it was off to the walk in... I get there, show the receptionist, she flinches at the sight of my swollen and twisted finger, and says she is sure the Dr will want to x-ray just have a seat it will be a while. Two hours later!!!! I get in to see the Dr, and she was slightly less horrified, and was pretty borderline on if it was a fracture or not, so it was off to x-rays (note it took like 2 seconds with the Dr to accomplish this.) So off to x-rays, another hour of my life ticks by, now this was where things just got weird, the Dr asked me to being the x-ray's back to the walk in, and when I asked the x-ray people for them they looked at me like I had 3 heads. Then they gave them to me anyways and said I had to bring them back when I was done. Then back at the clinic, now mysteriously empty, empty as in I was the only person in the waiting room as opposed to the 20 that were continuously there all morning. Dr take my x-rays and looks at me like I had 3 heads, I wonder if I was sprouting extraneous heads yesterday, I hope they didn't look like Zaphod's.
As it should happen, it wasn't broken, but she wanted it splinted none the less. Basically the joint, or the tissue around the joint was pretty swollen, and the best thing was to just immobilize and let it heal. So that's done, and I returned the x-rays and then it was close to 2 pm, this fiasco, for reference, started at 9 am. So I got a few more hours of work in, and called it a day, but boy does this just reinforce the fact I am retarded when it comes to sports or what?

Finging For a Better Future Peart

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