Thursday, July 22, 2004

RUC2004 - Day 4 - So Tired

Okay here is the equation:

Cold Room + Late Night + discussion of persistence mechanisms = SLEEEEEEEEEEEEP

Okay and the guy was pretty dry. Now I am in a session on pervasive computing, its a lot more interesting. Imagine calling a computer airline booking service from your advance phone, asking with voice for "Flights from Toronto to New York" and then having the computer understand you speech and display on your screen all the flights instead of r e a d i n g t h e m t o y o u v e r y v e r y s l o w l y. Then you read through the list and say "I'd like to book the third one." Again with out blinking, not that computers blink often, the system understands, and begins to book based upon the information your have stored in your phone, it asks you to confirm. So you check the display, and oh wait that's your old address. Make a few quick changes, and then tell the system "Okay its good now." The computer then asks you for your choice of credit cards. Your phone beats you to it and offers up your default credit card, which you then key in your password for. The system thanks you, you hang up, and then a text message with your confirmation number and eticket number shows up on your display and gets stored into you on phone agenda with flight times.

Now that is what I call a cool idea. Now lets just see someone do it, now that the tools allow it.

Please, Please do not let this technology empower the asking of "Do you want fries with that?"

On the topic of fries, there is a fast food franchise in the States called Jack in the Box, which is advertising a new type of fry they call "Natural Fries" or something like that because they are fresh cut from real potatoes so as to keep there skins. The ad for these new fries has Jack, the mascot, in a news conference with a reporter from France, and the reporter is harassing him in a stereotypical way about not calling them French fries, and does he hate the French, and jack is like "yeah sort of." The new age of tolerance we live in! BAH!

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