Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Router Table

Here is a fast rant about my router table.

So I want a nice solid router table, good fence, something that will last, be comfortable to use, and more or less last me 10-15 years minimum. I would also like this at a reasonable price, I say reasonable because I am willing to spend a little more to get quality. So I buy one from crappytire (to non-Canadians Crappytire = Canadiantire = a large chain of stores which sell stuff like gardening equipment, tools, auto, sports houseware, and a few other things like that, it is like a department store with out the clothes, and twice the size.) Back to the table at hand, the thing cost me a lot more then I wanted to spend, so much more that I'm embarrassed to say, I put it together and boom, this is when I find out I need to drill and tap the holes for the router interface myself. Does this make anyone else nervous? I'm a beginner sure I could do this, but I don't feel comfortable doing it. In any case I am set on this course so manual makes a big hissy deal about 2 drill bits, one of which being a 3/4" steel countersink. So I go back to Crappytire, and what do I find, they don't care the bit that their product (it was specifically a Canadiantire Housebrand product) requires. What the bear? So by the time I get home I decided to take the thing back I think there is a more reasonable table I can get from Rona (another hardware superstore, like Homedepot,) and it is predrilled for my router. The whole affair is just maddening!

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