Monday, July 19, 2004

RUC2004 - Day 1 - Cirque Du Soleil

That explains all the funky lights, video and sound, are opening act for this conference was Cirque Du Soleil, and man are they good.  There were lots of misc performers, but at the core of the act we had one of those girls who does all sorts of acrobatics on a rope high above the stage, and this guy with a big metal wire frame cube that he twirled about, it was very neat!  He made baton twirlers look like childish.  Anyway it was a great show, the speakers were pretty good too, they demoed the new rational tool, it was impressive to say the least, but I actually have seen it before, at a private demo.  I just wasn't allowed to talk about it, but I guess since they are show casing it here, let me just say, the eclipse platform is the ultimate integration layer! 
Anyways its time for my first regular session, as yesterday was just the jump starts, I must say before I depart that wireless is great!
g out

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