Monday, July 19, 2004

RUC2004 - Day 1 - My Brain Hurts

Well we are entering into the end of the day here, Its actually about 4 pm Dallas Time, and we have been going since about 8 am. There are actually presentations and the such all the way until 8 pm, so I really haven't even entered the "home stretch." In spite of that, my brain still hurts. I will probably go to sleep right away, if I am smart I will go for a run, a swim and then sleep, we will see if I am smart. It isn't the good ones that are killing me, it was the last session which was painfully slow, and what is worse is it was painfully slow over content I already know, which just extended the length of a second towards infinite. I mean I may have been able to speculate the content from the synopsis, but I thought it was going to have a little more flash and dazzel, instead it was the most basic form of the work I have been doing for the last 8 months, so it couldn't help but be boring. I suppose to a person who has never done that stuff it was very interesting. I'm just a person who has done that stuff, so it was killer. I'm in a black diamond presentation now, that will start in a few minutes, so hopefully this is killer interesting, or at least over my head. I always learn best when someone throws me in the deepend and says swim or die. As opposed to the shallow end and telling me this is how you kick. We will see :)

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