Saturday, July 17, 2004

Camping, the MAN WAY!

 So a little fatigued on Thursday wasn't enough to stop me, well at least not completely stop me.  I had intended to visit Erin in Guelph, but my parents wouldn't let me drive, they said I was too tired, I agreed and didn't fight them on the issue, so Erin came to visit me instead (she's so nice.)  We just hung out that night and I got packed for the camping trip, which is the real meat of this blog entry. So the next morning, up early again for a shortened day of work, coming down to the wire, big due date coming up on the following Tuesday, so I was actually in pretty good shape for the due date but the tension in the office was palatable.  In spite of that, I cut out early, (don't worry I still worked more then my 37.5 hours a week, actually, I don't think I have worked a week (on average) less then 40 hours in the last 4 months, and I don't begrudge that either, It means I am interested in my work and dedicated, but it also means I don't mind cutting out early on a Friday, actually I think it's a right that they should add that to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. So the reason for all this cutting out is the Camping Trip, the camping Trip was a sort of pre bachelor party for my buddy Rod who is getting married in November.  (The following I am only writing because no one reads my blog, if you are reading my blog please don't read the following, Sara and Erin, DON'T READ THE FOLLOWING.)  The description of this weekend Kevin (Rod's best friend and mutual school friend,) gave me for this weekend is as follows.  "This is not a bachelor party, this is a chance for me to get to know Rod's friends from his home town, so when we are at the REAL bachelor and I am licking jello off a French Maid's Nipple, I know who the guy is licking off the other one, Capiech!"  (Note Kevin isn't Italian...)  Moving on, so the people at this thing were: Rod, aka the groom (no this isn't Kill Bill with gender roles reversed.) Kevin, as described above Brad, mutual school friend, Trevor, mutual school friend (Rod, Kevin, Trevor, Brad and I all went to McMaster for Software Engineering and were in all the same classes, studied together, partied together, and hung out in the lab for many all nighters together. Chris, who went to Mac for Software, was a year behind us, but shared a house with Rod, and was a cool guy. Martin, same as Chris. James, guy rod knows from home, they studied martial arts together.   And now I'm getting a little fuzzy up top, there was 3 other guys, and they were cool guys, but I can't remember there names right now, maybe when I check my mail I will put them in. So what did we do that weekend? 
What did we do that weekend?  Well we went up to Arrowhead park, which is just outside of Huntsville, we shared two sites between the lot of us.  It is a really nice park, clean, well organized, not cramped, I mean you wouldn't go there to do serious camping, but for car camping its perfect.  So we set everything up so that there were three tents per site, but all the cooking and hanging out would occur at one site.  Then we proceeded to hang out.  We drank, told jokes, told stories, listened to some music, and had a good time, we cooked meat on an open fire, in the man way, and basically enjoyed the great weather.  We went swimming and played Frisbee and beach volleyball, we also played 500 up with a small foot ball and in the lake, that was good times.  Caught up on a little sleep and relaxed, good times!  Sunday we came home, I unpacked, and collapsed, ready for a stress filled work week : )

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