Thursday, July 08, 2004

BNL and the Nits - Intro

I went to a great concert last night featuring the Nits, and opening for them was BNL, I will talk all about it when I get the chance, but I don't have time as I'm running late for my train. I just wanted to blog this before I forget, on the way to the concert my friends and I were about to cross a street when we simultaneously noticed the a) red light, b) 2 police officers on the corner. So we stopped instead of jay walking, not that their was any traffic or anything. The great part was, the cops jay walked, and as they passed us on our side of the street one of them said to us, "Well I guess I better right myself a ticket." Then he smiled and kept going. I nearly cracked up, but I thought better of laughing at / near the officer in case it got misconstrued as a request for a good night sticking.

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