Sunday, July 04, 2004

Cottage gooood

Nothing quite like a weekend of sleep, swimming and power tools. That sums up most of the weekend, slept a lot, swam a lot. I also used Erin's Father Bob's new power planer to strip a bunch of hand rails on the deck, and then Erin and I split the task of sanding them, and then Erin and her sister Candace painted them. Then to add to my power tool joy I bought a new black and Decker 2 HP router and a palm sander. The sales guy also threw in a bunch of bits for the router free, and I saved like 20% because the box was scuffed, oooo woop-di-freaking-do. I figure the router will be a little scuffed too, its a power tool, not a ming vase!

Anyway that was my weekend and it was gooooood.

"So Trample off eh" --Moose Brother from Brother Bear

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