Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Musings of a mad man

So I'm on a mission, so to speak, to get a whole pile of stuff I need done, and a whole pile of stuff I want done, and then thinking up new manner of things that just to do.

So last night I began enacting this plan with a really nice bike ride, during that ride I got a weird bug bite, and had a race with some 'punk teens', I'm pretty sure I won the race, but in any accounting it wasn't really fair as they hadn't already biked twenty or so kilometers that I had.

After my ride I got my craig's list post up to advertise my old warhammer mini's that are for sale, here is the photo's from the weekend:

I did a bunch of other random stuff, that is too boring to note, and headed to bed.

I had this genius idea of biking in the morning to free up my evening, I even packed a lunch, and got breakfast sort of ready. Then around 3 am, when I fielded a 411 from Palermo (Erin forgot a phone number she needed :) I had a sober second thought, and decided that 5 AM was too far off.

So I reset to a normal 6 AM, slept in, but thanks to pre-made lunch, and semi-ready breakfast I still made my train. As I get down to a busy day, I can happily report our traveler has arrived in Palermo, and after some confusion moved on to Erice successfully. She is not to her disappointment staying in the castle.

So thats the report for the day.


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