Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hidden Post

Hey all, Its around 2:00 am, on June 23rd, and this is a post that you won't be reading for a couple months, if ever. Erin is currently in Italy, and there is a chance by the time I am done typing she may be at a computer, so I am going to type at least for a little while.

It is a bit of a shame that I've hidden (or am about to hide) this post into the archive for later retrieval, I think it will be good, but I don't really want to post it yet, in fact its non-posting is part of the post content.

So right now(as I'm writing this) I've just come back from a last minute night out. I was supposed to be at a David Usher concert, but it was cold out, and I wasn't into Illscarlet, and I ended up working a little late (on a Friday) and a pile of little reasons not to go out, but then I ended up out anyways for dinner and a movie with friends.

Trevor and Ellie are always good company, kind of a shame Erin couldn't be there, as we went out for Thai Fusion, and a silly movie, and the talk was interesting, but I think Erin being asleep on another continent was a fair excuse.

Quick sidebar, I taught Loki a fun game, I call it spring in the bath tube, as you can imagine, I took one of his springs, and started playing with him in the bathtub, now he is doing it all by himself, because as he pounces, it bounces, but it all stays in the tub. I hope this doesn't keep me up all night *gulp.*

Anyways, back to my story, I needed a pause to figure out how I wanted to tell it, maybe with what should be obvious, the reason I am not posting this at the time or writing is because it contains a secret, (cat patting pause, and we are back) now that secret (since this is being posted after the secret isn't a secret anymore) is that Erin an I have decided we would like to have a baby. Not like some day, not like in five years, but now (well okay now + 9 or so months.)

Now we aren't keeping this a secret out of malice, but we don't want everyone getting all excited until its actually happening, don't worry we aren't that good at keeping secrets, but we are doing pretty darn good so far.

So the story goes back a little bit further, all the way back to April, some of you may have noticed at the end of April Erin and I started to take a serious look at our lifestyle and health. The reason was that was when we decided to start planning for a baby, and having a child is a life time commitment, and part of that commitment is being around for that life time, and as our doctors were want to point out, we were doing a fair shot at shortening those lifespans. So when Erin disclosed to her Dr that she wanted to get ready to have a baby, such that medicines, and health could be discussed in that context, we started changing ourselves to get as healthy as we could before we started. So that is where this all began, back in April, we talked, and we planned, and we talked, and we thought, and we agreed, and suddenly it seemed right.

Now between then and now we have had to bite our tongues a little as Erin's Mom started buying all sorts of materials for baby quilts and receiving blankets, with complete ignorance of our scheming, and I don't mean to be mean, but Janet one might have construed such purchases to be laying the pressure on just a little thick, but we were already ahead of you. I just hope you have enough time left to finish all those projects :)

So from April to now, secret safely tucked away, and you have to give Erin and I credit, we have been tight lipped, especially Erin, who does like to say everything ;) She at least had an out, she has been consulting with her doctor, so she could tell someone. I on the other hand have no confessional, so I am writing this post, and not publishing it for that very reason, so I can tell someone, without actually telling anyone.

Getting back to this very evening, the reason why this secret was bugging me in particular, well its been a funny week, first off I apparently uncovered a secret out of hearsay that Colin and Chris were considering working on #2, and then of course we just found out that Elizabeth Emigh (Erin's cousin) is due in October, so the dinner conversation skewed, perhaps because of my own preoccupation, to the subject of babies, and we talked about Colin, and Chris, and Elizabeth, and we even talked about Ellie and how supportive her company is of women actually being women, and contrasted that to the bank, where Women were expected to give up their femininity to get ahead, but that is a rant for another day.

So we talked naturally about the subject and I kept my cards close to my chest, but the final straw was the movie we saw... Knocked Up. It was a funny movie, and focuses on a young career women who made a mistake, and it changed her life, but being a movie, it all worked out. It was, actually, really funny, but it made me glad to have a great lady first, and then a baby, not going the other direction.

So I'm stuffed full of thoughts about the future tonight, and the immediacy of things makes me want to blurt it all out, but I will be content to wait until things take there natural course, and I hope that by Erin's Birthday that we will have some great news to share with the family. Until then, my lips, and this post are sealed.

And again, sorry for any deception, but while it seems like Emigh's have no issue with pregnancy, we wanted to save all the excitement for when there was something tangible to be excited about. Until then, this post shall languish unread.

Night all.

*edit* it is Nov 19th, and I'm releasing this post to the public

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