Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Autism and Vacines

Here is a great article about mass hystaria, and pseudo science. I think the author really covered the issue well, including the "in spite of the evidence people will delude themselves" part.

I wonder, as the author didn't touch on it, if a socialized health care system might not be a balm to this sort of issue. If people didn't have to face the staggering financial cost of *insert disease here* alone, then they might be better able to address the staggering life change. No the Skeptic tends to cater to the Libertarians, so I doubt they would want draw that conclusion, but here in Canada I at least feel (this may be a belief based in ignorance) that such blame histrionics are less prevalent.

I do have sympathy for those who discover that little Billy isn't going to grow up to be the star quarterback. It must be tough having your expectations, and dreams for a child changed by a diagnosis, especially of a condition that isn't necessarily evident at birth. That sympathy, and for those who may one day become a parent fear, can only go so far, I can't forgive those who would willingly withhold or deny vaccination.

Not only does that pose a risk to other children, is tantamount to child abuse if your child were to die because you refused.

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