Sunday, June 03, 2007

For the rest of you...

Hey all, for those who don't know, I've pierced my eyebrow, I've been trying to show people in person, as its more amusing for me, but I suppose the surprise is pretty much gone, so I thought I would just get to posting it and be done.

So Ta Da, if your wondering why I did it, well there are couple reasons, none of them good enough for my mother :) but that's okay. The big one, I think, is that with all the weightless and healthiness that Erin and I have been enjoying of late, I was feeling quite good about myself, and decided to do something for myself I liked (don't worry folks I didn't do it without at least getting Erin's consent. But if you ask Erin I believe the story goes "SO Geoff asked if I thought an eyebrow piercing would be look good, and I said, it might, so he pulled out a staple gun and did it on the spot." Or at least the story might sound like that by the time you hear it, it gets better and more shocking each time.

In reality I went to a Tattoo and piercing parlor in Oakville called Way Cool Tattoos. I picked them for two reasons, they had the least scary website / store front, making it more approachable instead of the normal biker haunt, and then once I went in, the staff were really knowledgeable about health and saftey, and really went over all the details, because lets face it a piercing isn't worth getting aids, or Hep over... It's just not that "cool."

Anyways, I got it done, its healing really well, and I think it looks good, and Erin has given it a nod. I've got mixed reactions, but mostly positive, but like I said, I did it for me, which is maybe more vain then I usually am, but its probably the only time I will be vain this decade, so don't worry. :)


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