Friday, June 22, 2007

Cycling topography

I really need a altimeter, or something to show the topography of my route before I head out. Last night I decided to go for a nice long ride, and willingly rode into the wind, because I seriously prefer it in the face on the way out, so it's at the back on your way home. Yet, I think I may have made an egregious error in my route. I went North, then North some more, and then finally a little bit North.

I ended up at 4th Line and 10th Side Road, what I failed to realize, is this is also up, and then up, and then up some more. By the time I was at the height of my ride I was pooped. Now as one must obay gravity (it being the law and all) I had the fortune to find both gravity and wind to be very supportive of my ride home. All and all a great ride, and my legs are tired :) I also stopped and said Hi to Erin's Auth Kath, while I was out that far.

All and all I really like it North of the highway, its so much nicer than South of my house, to many drivers out to kill cyclists that way. Anyways wheeling off the pounds as much as I can to make room for Italy. Erin has informed Italy is as delicious as they say, but not to lick the cobblestone (okay she didn't say anything about the cobblestone.)

I'm rambling, so ciao!


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