Thursday, June 21, 2007

20 Years of Public Embarrassment

Carolyn Parrish sh butted heads with Hazel this week, and I think she came off looking as bad as ever. Parish is clearly gunning for the top job in Mississauga, and it would be a shame and an embarrassment if she got it. Parrish is a self serving shit disturber, her career as a MP was rather unremarkable, until she started making some reprehensible remarks. Regardless of the sentiment, parliamentarians should be held to some reasonable level of civil discourse when referring to our international trading partners.

She has clearly shown she will do and say whatever she likes to raise her flag higher, and now she is at it again. As a life long Mississaugian in exile to Milton, I'm still very much passionate about my old town, it sickens me to watch the municipal council be dragged down to the childishness of the national assembly, and I worry more that the elections could disintegrate down to the same hate fueled politics.

When Hazel steps down, and I honestly believe that resignation will come quite literally from her cold dead hands, I can only hope that the city finds itself in the stewardship of someone who understands how and why it was so successful. That reason is because Hazel isn't the defacto mayor out of voter resignation, but because she is the hardest working Octogenarian on the planet, and perhaps harder working then most anyone.

The city of Mississauga, is a run like a business, a rather successful one at that. Its mayor spearheads trade missions, regional boards and councils, fiscal virtues, and civic duty. Parrish spearheads Carolyn Parrish, and that self serving naked ambition is poisonous. So her 20 years of national politics, isn't a resume to be proud of, and my hope is her taint doesn't leave tarnish on Mississauga.

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