Monday, December 12, 2005

The naming of Kitten-X

Needing a name, as all beasts do, we have opted to name ye old (or in this case young) kitten Aslan, Azi for short. For those fans of Mr. Lewis, or recent visitors to the Cineplex the name will have a clear source to you. "But Geoff aren't you just latching on to a pop culture bandwagon?" I say fi on you, and no! I am in fact driving said bandwagon. Erin and I rationalized that well many will name there new cats Aslan this holiday season, we are probably the first, or near enough to it. Most kitten's don't go unnamed for as long, nor will the immediate effect of tCoN: tLtWatW be to purchase a cat. Hence we feel we are on the leading edge of a generation of kitten's named Aslan, and ours has a mane to boot.

In further news, Azi is quite the pouncer, including pouncing the X-Box controller cable, which happened to be resting on my legs. She is also noted to have sharp sharp claws. We also introduced her to Willy last night; Willy is the incongruously named cat that was once Erin's but now dwells at her parents? house. The imposing Willy was intimidated by wee Azi, and sought solace in Azi's food bowl. After a good meal Willy was up to some hissing, but not much else, as such I figure the two will be fast friends, and worst Azi can out run Willy.

More mews to follow . . .

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