Friday, December 02, 2005

Bathroom + Border

So I don't have images of the bathroom because I left the camera at my grand parents house, but I may have left the card in Erin's laptop, but no matter, it looks like a bathroom, but nicely painted :)

The picture I am showing is the border we would like to put up. Unfortunately it comes in rolls of 5.5 yards, and we need 6, and it is 60$ a roll ): We are looking for a discount store or sale to try and get it at a more reasonable price. Even found an American one selling it for 22$ American, but they wanted 33 American for shipping. I wonder what hermetically sealed rocket propelled shipping carrier they were using for that?

G out


Jennith said...

Hey Geoff

I don't know anything about html tags having not used them since Lakehead. Nice border... not anything I would put in my house, but I see it matching your artwork.

What kind of skiing? Maybe I'll get to go sometime this winter (downhill) maybe not - Maybe next year we can go together.

Anyways, I have a real blog now and you can change your link. It isn't very exciting as of yet, but maybe I'll get some pictures up soon.



Unknown said...

Link updated, and skiing hopeful as well :)