Monday, December 19, 2005

The Dead Duck

I have previously spoken of the Devil Ducky collection manufactured by Accoutrements (previously Accoutrements of Evil.) By random chance I stumbled upon a new Duckie this morning, the Dead Duck this living impaired ducky created by Duckcetera (site unknown) so accurately portrays death. How you say? Well it is a long standing joke between my wife and I that when things die they get x's for eye balls, and so when mocking each others cuisine, or just playing dead, we will exclaim that we have x's for eye balls clearly indicating that we are dead.... Okay that sounds really odd when I type it out, but really its light hearted fun... Stop looking at me like that I'm not crazy, at least not totally crazy... Well with now that I have scared you all away, please enjoy this image of a dead duck...

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