Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cooooold, sooooo, coooooooold

When I packed up my laptop last night I figured I would blog something on the train home. Yet when I sat down and started this puppy up, I couldn't think of anything to write, so I read. This morning I presumed the writers block would persist and I would do some reading little did I know that my train would have no power.
Now there is a difference between no power, and no power, much like there is dead, and mostly dead. So the train she moves, emergency lighting works, and the PA system works, but other then that we are running without power. That means no cabin heat, and no reading lights. So I thought this was the perfect excuse to whip out the old laptop and use its light and heating effect to try and keep warm. So while I get the CPU up to temperature, and blood flowing in my legs again, let me recount to you the epic adventures of Azi toe bitter!
To start with, I wish I had my camera, as that cat has done the goofiest things in the last 48 hours, and of course my camera is not to be had. I left it at my grandparents a few weeks back, and I think it is at my parents now, but that is clearly not in my hands.
The other night, while lounging around the house, nesting myself in blankets, and nose in a book, I found that Aslan has a predisposition to pounce EVERYTHING! This was emphasized by the repeated attack on my toes. Every time they twitched, stretched, wiggled or moved, BOOM there was Azi claws and fangs a flying. Now as she has the most ineffective kitten teeth it was not in fact painful, but it certainly started to tickle, which begat more squirming on my behalf, and like all good positive feedback systems, more pouncing on her behalf. This persisted past the point of distraction until I gave up and surgically removed the cat from my toes, before she surgically removed my toes. What lesson has this taught me about cats' When you are tired they are riled up, and when you are riled up they are tired. Alas I have no pictures of Cat VS Toe!
Next up on the slate of crazy cats, if you follow PvP you will have known of the recent adventures of Kringus the tree demon. As art imitates life, and life imitates art, it wasn't long before PvP artist Scott Kurtz started getting emails from fans of their cats in the Christmas tree. Then it was Scott's turn to reveal Scratch Fury's name sake up a Christmas tree as well. All the while I am thinking, wow good thing Azi isn't interested in the tree' I should never have thought that thought, as Erin and I sat down to write Christmas cards last night, Azi, upset that all the best batting ornaments had been raised above ground level, climbed deep into the tree to attack ornaments from the inside. Paws a blazing no ornament was safe from her play, and again I without a camera. I captured something on my camera phone, but it is a poor simulacrum of a real photo, and I have no idea how to get at them without sending a $2 text message. Hopefully Azi will repeat her acrobatic tree routine again when I have my camera back.
Well I'm at Union now, and I'm still really cold, I'm for once really excited to get to work, but that is mostly just to get inside where it is heated.


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