Monday, January 03, 2005

Long time no post

I have a really good reason, really, I was on dial up!!!
More accurately, I was on vacation, and unless you want my minute by minute details of relaxation, and puzzle assembly, then I really didn't see the point in suffering through 26k modem connection for it. So the quick quick recap is this:
Christmas was great, lost of family, lots of fun, so new video games for me to play including Prince of Persia 2, Mario 64 DS, and final Fantasy I & II. Other toys for Erin and I include towels, shower curtains, knives, and a Microwave, all very good things for the young and soon to be married. Then I skipped boxing day shopping because the weather was terrible, and then went straight to the cottage.
The cottage being Erin's parents cottage, and now a regular post Christmas ritual. We stay at the cottage from December 26, until the new year. At the cottage we relax, and chill out, this year was mildly stressful, my stress was caused by a 2000 piece monster puzzle, basically the picture is awesome, but the jiggies are sooo small. So I probably invested a good 20 - 30 hours into that puzzle, and there is still about 25% left for next time. Erin was stressed because she had some homework. It was still generally relaxing.
Now that I am back home I am going to hit the gym hard, I put on a typical 5 Christmas pounds, most of that was from general cottage laziness, and cottage gorging, but now it is time to pay the piper / treadmill. I don't actually start work until Tuesday, so tomorrow I will start at the gym, and I will also finish my web page redesign. I think I have the details in my head now. Primarily the site will look unchanged. Added to the site will be categories appearing in the right hand nav. Each category will have a link to its main page and a list of recent posts. Those same recent posts will be duplicated into the posts of the main blog but with the previously described [] category tags. The new blogs will be (names are not finalized) books, games, house (will be retired but not for a while) and fiction. General rants, site news, blather, and everything else that doesn't have a category will just get posted in the root. Once I get everything working and functional, I might tweak out the individual templates, and jazz them up with a little flavour text (time to pull out the old D&D books again.) So that's the plan, and we will see how it goes.

On the topic of movies, I watched Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Extended Edition tonight. I'm afraid I didn't give it 100% of my attention, but it was still great, I don't think I noticed a lot of the extra 50 minutes, but I never found the movie dragging, or boring, so cudo's to Peter Jackson for just making the movie bigger, but maintaining quality. I think I did notice one new scene, I'm not sure, but was the Gimli/Legolas drinking contest in the original? It was worth a chuckle that's for sure. Well I think it is time for me to hit the hay, it is like 3:30 am around here, and I need some Zzz's.

Night all!


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