Thursday, January 13, 2005

Category Blogging

Hey all, it isn't that I haven't been spending time on my blog recently, it is that my blog isn't working properly. As I described a few times over the last month I have been building a category system for my blog. From the main page I have added to the right hand nav the category section, and three categories, and you can follow the specific post items out to their individual pages, or the category archives. What I don't really have working is the category main page (which I intended to just point to the current month archive), and the automatic reposting. The idea being that when I post to a category, it also appears in the main blog as well. I am going to continue development here, I think it is a glitch, not a failing in my process, but I will have to verify. Until I can get it working I will try and do it manually, and post more.


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