Thursday, January 27, 2005

Category Blogging be gone

I have spent way to much time trying to fix my templates, and way too little time filling them with content. Tonight I am going to scrap this whole category thing. I may keep the back ground in one piece, and just fix the main template, and turn off the auto publishing features. The problem was two fold, the first being the auto publishing. It relied on Bloggers blog-by-mail or whatever it is called, it is buggy, and slow, and constantly down. I suspect blogger is going through a period of too big too fast and certain pieces of infrastructure are bottle necking. The second problem was my own deficiency, I wanted a home page for each category, but that relied on me being able to code html with JavaScript. The problem was I was using the generated homepage as a summary of posts linked into the Araska main page, so if you actually went to those pages you just got a list of posts. What I needed was a way to incorporate and RSS feed right into my blog (as both links on the side, and posts.) That way I just have 4 blogs, and one of theme aggregates the rest. I was unable to figure this out, and my alternative was cumbersome. I think with more dedication I could have made it work, but every moment I spent working on it I realized that I didn't have the volume of content to bother, and I wasn't generating any content while I was bothering. So I will be returning to a non-threaded blog until either blogger provides categories, or a gmail like labeling function (I THINK THIS WOULD BE DEAD SEXY!!!)


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