Monday, January 31, 2005

The Missing Star

Hey all, me again.

I have been playing a lot (and I mean a lot not that fake work alot!) of Mario 64 DS recently. So much so that I am tipping on the edge of game completion.

I have 149 Stars.
I have all but 1 mini game.

I know I have all the level Stars, and systematically I think I have all the secret stars.

Clearly I am missing one, but for the life of me I can't figure it out.

I know the last mini game is only available after I get the last star, so the bloody question is, where is star 150!

Is it in a toad? Is it in a level? Is there some secret level that if you do it fast you get a second star from it? I don't know and it is maddening. All I hear in my head when I look at my DS is "It'sa me! Mario!" The damn plumber can't even use real words (like I do heh heh heh! :)

So here is my solution, a wanted poster (or post.)

Wanted Star 150
Last Seen: Somewhere in the Princess's castle.
If Found: Please contact Mario, through the comment section of this post.
Reward: The personal satisfaction coming from helping Mario save the Princess.

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