Monday, January 31, 2005

Take Back the Web

For a while now I have been "Taking Back the Web" with the Fox, as it turns out I was also taking for granted the Fox. I didn't really think that the people around me might not understand what I was talking about when I blathered on about the Fox this the Fox that, even right now people might be confused. So I will elucidate, and in doing so give my respects to one my frequently used tools.

Firefox, or as I have taken to calling it "the Fox" is a browser. Nothing special there, it displays web pages OooOoo Ahhhh. What makes Firefox great is that it is good! There are endless lists of praise and reasoning for Firefox, but to me it all comes down to the experience, and the experience is good. Some of my favorites is the speed. The interface is lickity-split, sure my download speed effects the rate of browsing, but the rendering and load time for pages, plugins and the client itself are very desirable. Next is tabbed browsing, sure to some it is trivial, but to me, it cleans up the task bar, and then when I am actually browsing enhances the experience. Add to that the little loading swirls on the tabs, and I am in browser shangrala. Additionally I appreciate the free legitimacy of it, and would support the developers with the minimum a post and a link (see the side bar template update for said link.)

The prompting for this post came when Erin was using my PC to browse her email and was at first apprehensive at the non-IE-ness of the open browser. Skeptical of the benefits she declined hearing my sales pitch. Yet moments later her laptop's IE was given her grief displaying some images, so she said something to the effect of "If your browser is so great go to this site and tell me if you can see the images/pluggin's" so I did and I could. This immediately made her do a double take and a download (painlessly quick download I might add.) Then an install and off she went to the site, where she was prompted with the polite red panda asking her to download a missing plugin, (the Firefox is the English translation of the Chinese name for the animal we know as a red panda.)

Plugin installed, and poof she got her images, and before long she was importing book marks, setting home pages, and changing her default browser. Long Live the Fox!

So this morning with one convert under my belt I decided to stop taking for granted this wonderment of browsability and proclaim to the blogging community "Take Back the Web" with Firefox.

For a more amusing reason for getting the Fox check out bbspot.

On a side note, while I was adding the fox link on the side bar, I also added Zits and Get Fuzzy, two great toons.



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