Thursday, April 15, 2004

"What Kind of Bomb?" "The Exploding Kind"

If games were real life, I could respawn, but according to my brother Alex, I can rocket jump... Or at least jump using some sort of mine, or small explosive device. Without going heavily into the physics of explosives, which I am sure the google searches and this blog post will paint me up and down the world as a crazy nutt job terrorist. The truth remains that year after year people have limbs removed by said devices, more often then being flung 2-4 meters into the air.

The problem I'm sure revolves around how the energy is dispersed, that in fact there is not enough energy in a small bomb to launch you, but there is enough energy to launch a piece of the bomb through you. In the event that there is enough energy to move you, that energy is expanding in a compression shock wave and isn't only going to move your feet, its going to move through your whole body, because the shock wave is probably traveling a lot faster then the human body can be safely accelerate to in time, turning human into liquid goo. I will try and add more to this as I find out, if I care to, but suffice it to say, people can't rocket jump.

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