Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Irony and telephony

So my fianceé and I, Erin, have purchased a house, actually loyal followers of the beta blog, or anyone who knows me, knows this. Mainly because I really only have one or two things of interest to talk about, and this one is a pretty big one, and since I don't actually have the house yet, I'm still very much excited about the house.

So we purchased the house from the good people at Mattamy Homes, a very reputable builder with which, Erin's parents, Janet and Bob, or often Mr. Westmen and Mrs. Westmen, or occasionally and awkwardly Hi, ... (indicating a trailing off silence.) As they are my future inlaws, and I do have a genial relationship with them, you think I could comfortably sink into the names they have offered, Bob and Janet, or as Janet said, His Highness and Janet, anyways I am tangential here and I don't mean too, suffice it to say they have owned to Mattamy's and remain happy with their current one. So Erin and I felt confident in our purchase, now I have no complaint persay, as I have never purchased a house before but the whole new house scene is scary and lonely. First you get the Sales Pitch, followed by the Mortgage Sprint, and Lawyer Dash and Dot (all soon to be Olympic sports.) Currently petitioning for status as an exhibition sport include the Design Centre Dance, and Loan Insurance pillage. After the first three, you have signed a million papers, handed over a ton of dough, signed over your souls and first born, and then boom its all done, like some cosmic birth, its BANG followed by a few millennia of cooling off. So in the time between it all has become like some surreal dream, and I am not sure I have bought a house, to reaffirm the impending financial burden, Erin and I discuss it at length, with anyone who will participate, and trust me there are line of people willing to add input on the colour you should pick for the underside of your mailbox (not that I get a mailbox, stupid Canada Post "Superbox" Super pain in the butt is more like it.)
I digress once more, so Erin and I are now at this point where we need to know what the whole thing is going to cost after upgrades so we can budget for the house, budget for the wedding, budget for the honeymoon, and budget for groceries other then craft dinner. To calculate all this, we need prices and for prices we need to go to the design centre, and for the design centre we need to be called by Mattamy, and we need time. Well with Erin now finished her first degree (way to go sweetie!!!) we have said time, and so we decided this weekend that we shall commit this weekend and to go to the design centre on our own time and just get an idea. When low and behold the first business day after said decision the design centre calls and says "Its time to come in for your appointment." Hence the irony, but the telephony, OY! getting a hold of some one and then booking an appointment, its telephone tag all over the place. So we are booked but it only took 800 billion calls. House here we come!!!!!

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