Sunday, April 18, 2004

Life of Pi (revisited)

Okay, okay, so I didn't get back to my comments on this as fast as I would have liked, and like most stories, the true impression is fleeting... So as it has been a few days and almost and entire book in between I have some loose impressions. On the whole great book, good warm up in the first period, I liked the whole three religion thing, especially how Pi used religion to shush the religiosos.

As for the second part, just a good yarn, filled with (what I feel,) was a good window into the human soul at its most honest. Like really in all the stories human vs human seems so puny and pity compared to human vs nature. Its so visceral, just makes life so alive.

Third part gave me the willies... I'm with Pi on that one, his version was better.

In any case, I'm no book critic I just know what I like and I liked it. I also like Ed Greenwood, mostly out of loyalty, because in my literary infancy he seemed like a god, not so really, more like playdough through a mold, but he still holds me to a story once in a while, but he is off my hard cover list.

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