Thursday, April 15, 2004

David Usher

What a night, well I hope none of my brothers friends are reading this, because then I will be in trouble, but Erin (my fiance,) Candace (Erin's sister,) Alex (said aforementioned brother,) my mother, and I went to see David Usher at the Living Arts Centre.


The opening act Chris Koster, ( he is pretty new as a solo artist and I think has a lot of potential, he is a little nervous which diminished his stage presence, but the one song he did guitar for he just got into and just dominated the room. So keep it up Chris!

David (with Moist + Electric Violin Girl + Vocal accompaniment Girl) was great, the whole lot of them had a lot of fun with the show and that energy and enthusiasm just filled the room, during his second encore he forgot a whole lot of a song during the acapella part, but three super enthusiastic girls from the audience filled in the blanks, and everyone had a good chuckle as they tried to hit those high notes. In his embarrassment he didn't finish the song and moved on to St. Lawrence River, I didn't realize a whispered "Fcuk what's that line" was part of the song :) but what made it great was that he kept going the audience said that's okay we like it anyways, and the show went on. He did give us a disclaimer at the start that this was the first show in about 4 months, and so they were rusty and that there was nothing like a "spectacular train wreck." The show was as far from a wreck as could be, and the rusty spots just made it all the more personal.

Great night Great Show nuff said

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