Thursday, April 29, 2004

Long Silence

Sorry for the long silence oh viewers of my blog.
Its just I've been really busy on a personal project. It is not that exciting, but I am enjoying it. I am building a shelf ooooo ahhhh. Okay its a nice shelf, about 1.85mx1.0mx0.3m, solid pine, with a milled trim at the bottom and just some plane trim all the way around. I have it about 90% constructed, all that is left is to attach the trim and the last panel on the back (which needs to be trimmed to fit.) Then I need to stain it, which I hope to do Sunday. I will have pictures up this weekend I hope.

Now one might ask what the big deal is, its a shelf I can buy one at Ikea for $40. Well its not some crap Ikea laminated particle board crap. To purchase a good shelf like this unfinished would be over $200 and I am going to pull it off for just about half that. This is not what its about, while inexpensive quality furniture is good. My real motivation here is software engineering. WHAT? You say, well first off I am a software engineer, a real engineer, not a pretend one (that is a rant for another day.) In reality I am a bit flipper, I sit day in and day out orchestrating a vast amount of ether to produce software magic. At the end of the day/project/life I really have done a lot and have nothing to show, except maybe a CD, but I didn't make the CD, I just made the content, it just doesn't feel as good as good honest labour. So every once in a while I am overcome with a urge to create, and until I build something solid and real with my own to hands (and a little bit of blood, sweat and pride for good measure,) its a thirst that just can not be slaked. So that is the purpose of this project, and it is my most ambitious to date, and it is going really well. I hope in fact to build my own desk next year when I move into my house, but one project at a time. I will post some pictures this weekend.

That and I will try and blog more.


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