Friday, April 16, 2004

Ground Rules

First off I just made the logo, what do you think? I realize it isn't a masterpiece; in fact I used another image as a stencil to create the silhouette. So very little of my own creative juices were employed, other then the initial spark that said "I am looking for X."

That aside I wanted to lay down some ground rules, sort of, more like what one can expect from me as the blogger, and as anyone who may or may not be reading this.
1. I will post when I post, this place could go dry for 3 months, and then meet with 3 posts an hour... It’s just my nature to be ride up and down on the waves of interest.
2. I will write what I damn well feel like, so if I am saying to much or too little on a subject or how I feel, you are more then welcome to ask for more, or less, but under no circumstances will I feel obligated to change or respond, but I will try.
3. I won't talk about work, or the people I work with, this is more a concern that the place I work is very sensitive about corporate image, and I wish to keep my job and a healthy relationship with my coworkers, so I am not going to bitch, gripe, or make comments about them, or my companies decisions, the most you might get out of me is something like "I had a good day at work." Or "Today sucked."
4. Self-expression, please feel free to respond to any thing I write with anything you feel like, but I am going to say it right here and now, I will censor things I deem inappropriate, or just out and out delete them. I admit to occasionally having spats of verbal diarrhoea that would make a sailor blush, and I am embarrassed by them, my personal feeling is that anything that can be said with curses can be said more eloquently and equally expressively with out being offensive... That being said, I am not a prude, and I am sure a few dirty words will slip in, just don't go to far.
5. A follow up on 4, "ism's" will NOT be tolerated, no racial slurs, no I hate this group, I have that group, kill them, burn that etc. You want to debate politics okay fine, you want to talk about what group you want to ethnically cleanse, take it some where else. I have no stomach for it.
6. If you are someone I know, and I say something about you, and you just really don't want that being said, tell me and I will take it down.
7. Personal information, I really don't feel that their is a lot of privacy left out their, but at the same time I'm not going to give away to many personally specifics, dammit if you want to steal my identify you will have to root through my garbage.
8. Enjoy, or don't its your call!
Cheers (note I am notorious for both stealing peoples sayings and implanting my own in other peoples speech patterns, no offence intended, if it sounds good to my ear I keep it.)

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