Monday, June 21, 2010

Ultrasound 2 - IPS Test

Erin had her second ultrasound last week, I will spare you the details, but our unborn child is wiggly and highly uncooperative, so to make it up to Erin I voluntarily watch New Moon, which was predictably terrible.  We don't really have a "working name" for this one yet, tossing around Tikki, which is actually the name of the future babies precious stuffed toy (yes this is a memory we can imprint upon young minds, you will love this toy, this toy brings you comfort.)  Or Gertie, because we thought the movie Moon was refreshingly classic Sci-fi, but that was a ?homicidal? maybe must pathological robot voiced by Kevin Spacy.  So like I said no fixed name yet, not like Bryan, who we called Morgan until he was born.

As for real names, well that is fun to think about and we will tell you when they are born.

In profile looks pretty much like a small human, in motion you could see the little arms and legs flailing about, but at the current setting you can't see them.

The headshot is less flattering, and more alien, but it has to do with bone density and more the slice effect created by the ultrasound.  To get the torso and limbs in focus you end up actually seeing inside the head instead of the face. 

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