Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Parents sue GTHL after sons cut by team - thestar.com

Seriously? Seriously! Has it come to this, at high level mature youth sporting we are suing because "my kid didn't make the cut."  How about you sue your child for not living up to your own absurd world view, or sue yourselves for failing your children when they needed your support to make it through a challenging disappointment.

You can't make the world jump and caper to your demands, and you should raise your children with such delusions either.  I hope this family (as cruel as this is) not only loses this law suit, but is forced to pay the leagues damages.  Even if there are facts missing from the article (like the coaches publicly humiliated the offending players) I still see zero merit, and hope that this sort of thing doesn't become common place in society.

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