Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Bike Commute

Alas those bygone halcyon days of vacation are now behind me, and I'm on my way to work.  I got my first spin on my new commuting bike, and by new I mean new to me.  Honestly this baby has to be the best piece of garbage picked treasure I've ever found.  When rescued from the edge of destruction she had rims made of rust, and tubes who hadn't held air in 30 years.  The tires so dry they were crumbling to dust at a touch.  But the frame was sound, and the gearing merely cried out for a tune up and some grease.  

I did what I could with the tires and the tubes, but the tune up I left up to the professional, all and all she cost me less then $80 to get back on the road and running smooth.  So this morning, for the first time since moving to Milton, I cycled to the go station.  The ride was a lot faster then I expected (sure I've done it in no time flat with my good bike, appropriate cycling attire, and no luggage, but today I was ready for work and trying not to break a sweat.  So leisurely, I got to the station, feeling good, and happier for it.  The best I can I'm going to keep this up until the fall, maybe skipping the really wet, windy or hot days, but 20-30 minutes of cycling a day might not be the best exercise, but it is some exercise and it is exercise that I will enjoy and hopefully be better for.

Check out those retro fenders (the back one will probably come off to fit the rack.)

On a side note, I did realize two things about my good bike I seriously missed, 1) peddle clips, seriously I always thought my cycling form was poor at best, but the number of times I lifted my feet off the peddle on the upstroke as I tried to lift it (in proper form) gave me cause to realize how much I love my clips.  2) My shifters.... this bike has the classic tension only shifters on the down tube, between position and the fact they don't click I was a little befuddled by them.

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