Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Steel and Towers

Well I've had my first real taste of the G20, having being away from TO for so long, not seeing the slow growth of the fences, the stark reality of their appearance was a little unnerving.  My walk through the red zone this morning was full of police, the RCMP, a couple of military looking types and various accoutrements of a police state that I am glad are temporary.  Not the least of which was a squad of horses "ready to go."
Leaving Union via York Exit, first signs of trouble.
 In spite of the uninviting nature, everyone seems jovial, and in good spirits, the police who have been brought to town for the invent seem collegial with the local team, and were probably happy for the peace that is the calm before the storm.  I hope they leave Toronto with an interest in returning, and spreading the word that in spite of 143 years of bad press since confederation Toronto isn't that bad a place.  (I know it is an uphill battle against long formed (and probably once justifiable) prejudices.

My building, just beyond the fenced zone.  I feel safe...
I left the office today with haste, and a sense of foreboding, a protest planned for tonight at 4:30 in the Financial District underlining the growing scope of this event.  Anarchist, and fringe aside, the G20 are not without fault when it coms to the worlds woes, and even if they were without blame, they also represent so much of the worlds wealth (both experientially and financially.)  An event like this, no matter how short, or expensive (and really regardless of the country it occurs within) offers a possibility for change, hopefully for the better.  Lets hope a cool beer beside a fake overpriced lake gives all the delegates a chance to reflect and elevate thinking.


Anonymous said...

Might have been nice to stretch the vacation a little longer to get past this, too bad timing had to work the way it did. Looking forward to hearing more!

~G said...

I wonder if they have ever heard of video conferencing...
Or if face-to-face is crucial, maybe holding it somewhere not inconveniencing millions of people, say maybe up in the middle of the tundra? It'd probably cost less to build a temporary city up there just for them! AND then it'd be harder to have the clashes and riots with protesters..
I'm just saying.. :)