Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Abuse of blog

Thought I would abuse my blog  in a more conventional (and thus trivial way) an inane status update about crap :)

Got a bunch of little tasks done around the house.  The TV is up on the wall, and I got some of the bathroom fixtures up.  Not that exciting I know... Worse, I'm going to tell you about my lunch, here I was going "hmm PB + Bacon" that would make a good sandwich, but then I found the tomato, and the roast chicken (real not that sliced stuff that is mostly "meat protein" and lettuce.  BOOM throw down some montray jack and you have yourself a bitching club sandwich.  I don't know what the fight was, or who my opponent was, by my sandwich won hands down.  To accompany my awesome sandwich was a fine episode of "The greatest tank battles" clearly, full of win!

In random news, apple finally did what I said they would do, they came out with a Mac Mini with HDMI, finally invalidating the Apple TV, and producing a device that I've been saying for years "all apple has to do is make this device and I will buy it."  Damn you Steve, damn you... This didn't even qualify as "key note" material for WWDC this was like an afterthought half way through WWDC, just like "By the way, we refreshed this."

Its a rough year for me and my apple fetish, between the iPhone 4, the iPad, the new Mini, and the laptop catastrophe I find myself being drawing to just get a direct withdrawal setup off my paycheck right into steve's pocket.

Ah well sammich eaten, tanks destroyed, time to get back to Mario.

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