Monday, June 21, 2010


So my new deck arrived today, that is substantially less awesome then it initially sounds, but I will save that detail until the last picture in the post.  They haven't been done yet, but the curbs are coming soon, this week or next.  The grass will follow shortly their after, and the topsoil, or as my neighbours daughter called it, the mountains, were delivered over the weekend.  I'm not 100% sure it isn't night soil instead of topsoil, or at least to some large extent manure based.  That will be good for the grass once it is in, but has a certain, bouquet.

The now complete garden

Random front shot

Mount Poopmore

Not a shabby looking house

Something is wrong with this picture

A useful deck... really :)
Okay so it is 5'x10' (if it wasn't exactly 5x10 I would have given it to you in metric) and not installed, but it will be soon.  In a couple years we will make it bigger.  Not this year.

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