Monday, May 04, 2009

2009 Heart and Stroke Ride For Heart

Hey folks that Bryan picture was just a teaser. I'm far far behind in my fund raising efforts, but work has been an absolute zoo, so here starts the 2009 Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart Fund Raising Kickoff! So please, before I get all begging and pathetic, please donate to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

This year both Erin and I will be riding. Bryan, probably won't be, but just because I think 2-3 hours being dragged isn't up his ally (yet, next year though.)

Erin will be riding the 50, and had her first big ride this weekend, not sure if she can walk yet, but she mastered 26 with aplomb. I will be doing the 75 because I said I would, and foolishness before pride any day :)

It also looks like Erin and I will be riding in good company, with Emma, and Chris Bardon, and Brad and Jodi.

More posts, and emails will follow, you have been warned :)


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Unknown said...

Thanks to Colin whose got us rolling this year! If your following him on Twitter you can see he is getting his train on this year. I, who claim at least > enthusiast stature am put to shame by his rigor this year. But in my defense he can commute to work, I can but not yet :)