Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just touching base

Hey all, just touching base, nothing really exciting, but I felt I should post something. The house was certainly a spike in excitement, but now we can hurry up and wait. We are really excited, but essentially our hands are tied until Mattamy calls us up and tells us its time to start picking stuff. We tried going out to the design center but the cabinet choices aren't available yet, the price lists aren't available yet, and basically they aren't interested in seeing us for a few months. So hurry up and wait...

Around the house we have, we have started looking around and saying "Okay, what do we have to do to sell this place?" And more importantly is it something we can do sooner and enjoy for the 15 months we have left, or should we wait until the last minute. I think the truth is we need to wait until it gets warm enough to throw the windows open, as we have a lot of drywall repair and paint fumes in our future.

We had a family bout of cold/flu last week and we are all recovered, or at least 90%, but it has made this week tough, and last week worse. Mother nature hasn't really helped with heaps of snow and bad train service. Seriously Monday I was almost 2 hours late after what I can deduce as Go Transit literally greasing/icing their own tracks... Thankfullly Mom was able to pick me up from Meadowvale and get me home or I would have been later still.

I've managed to finish all the paperwork with all the various governments to establish myself as someone who may sell apps on the Apple App store, but now I need to get my act in gear and finish my app. It is also at about 90% but that last 10% is killing me. I know there is a memory leak issue, otherwise the functionality is done. I'm on the cusp of releasing a bad app and fixing it once I get customer bug reports, but I feel the heel for doing it. So I will work for 95% and leave customers with only the last 5. I'm motivated to get it done, because the more apps I can sell, the more upgrades I can get in my new place. If it is successful I have a few ideas percolating that I think will do well, and appeal to a broader customer base.

Anyways that is the news, g


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that Mattamy has "sealed" the deal and your're awaiting their pleasure regarding the design centre. Wish you best of luck in the future. Wish I'd seen this blog earlier or I would have recommended a house inspector (no matter who the builder is), especially in this economic climate of shaving specs to save money. To protect your investment or safety, visit

Unknown said...

Well since I don't close for 15 months I have plenty of time to do an inspection if something feels amiss. While I appreciate that some people have had some problems with Mattamy, that sort of thing is bound to happen when you become a company of their size.

Regardless of how much one may attempt to execute flawlessly, they are going to make mistakes, and be it company policy or individuals trying to cover their butts. I don't mean to apologize for them, but I also live, quiet happily, in a Mattamy home already, and have had a very positive experience through the first purchase, and that has brought my business back to them. Mattamy has built a great community here in Milton, including extending a great deal of help to the city to expedite municipal projects.