Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ooops, we did it again

Hey all, this is the first real post in a looooooooong time, just writing to share our exciting news. Erin and I put a deposit on a new home last night! We are super excited, and as of this afternoon the builder has signed the agreement and we are officially on the path to new-new home ownership.

The fast and easy questions: Where are you moving?

Down the street... but specifically here is a google map that pretty much shows where the new house will be (as it doesn't exist I can't be exact.)

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So yes, we are staying in Milton, and staying with the same builder (Mattamy Homes.)

How big is it?

2301 sq-ft (I like the 01, it sound precise.)


Um, 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 1.75 car garage (not full sized, also known as 1+stuff car garage.)

We have an awesome lot with a park behind our house, which really was one of our criteria, we also negotiated a better price (semantically) on the home, which we feel reflects these troubled times

Here is the artists elevation drawing (why do they call them that?)

And the floor plan: (this is showing the 3 bedroom option, we took the four.)

So officially/unofficial we will be hosting Bryan's (to be last name agnostic) Family Christmas 2010.

Assuming it is done in May 2010 on schedule :)

Anyways that is the news, I plan to track excitement here as per the last home, and expect regular Bryan pictures galleries to flow to this location. For those who are still reading, the picture of Loki + Murlock is a clickable link out to a gallery that include Bryan + Murlock images as well.

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