Thursday, October 01, 2009

Christmas in October

So I got an award at RBC this summer, I was a quarterly STAR winner, which is the largest quarterly award one can get, and I was pretty darn proud about it, and with it came some gift points which I exchanged for some chapters cards. At the same time I also cached in some visa points for some futureshop cards. So here I was sitting on this pile of gift cards, when my Quarterly STAR award was upgraded to a Silver Yearly STAR award, which is really good. We have 4 tiers, Convention, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The convention winners are the top dogs, and they go with the convention winners from the other devisions of the company, and a guest of their choosing to a professional development convention, on a giant fraking cruise ship in the Caribbean in January. In spite of the boondoggle it sounds like, the non-guests, ie the RBC employee winners actually do have a mini convention, but it doesn't take up the whole trip, still tres cool, and a little jealous, but I didn't warrant myself a convention winner, hope yes, but expect no :)

So I digress, my award got bumped to a silver, and i got yet more reward points, so yeah me, and my points. So I've been on a gift card shopping spree these last few days and am now laden with books. Erin got a bunch of Octavia Butler, I also got the new Terry Brooks Landover Novel--cry and possibly last as a brilliant writers mind gets eaten away by altimeters ):

What else is in the pile, some D&D books, 2-3 seasons of TV, some movies, the new Diane Gabaldon, and the new Neil Gaimen tween novel (seriously, the grave yard book was awesome, so I'm excited for the next one.)

So for the last 2-3 days boxes have been coming in the mail every day (since chapters sent three boxes from their warehouse the same day instead of one big box ...) And for the next few weeks some more will arrive as the preorders become available.

My only sad is I really like buying the D&D books from my FLGS to support them, but free is better then paying I suppose.

Anyways thats all

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