Monday, March 31, 2008

Not the Weekend I was Expecting

But good none the less,

Friday started as an attempt to get together with Trevor and the three of us go out for dinner and a movie. It never actually made it past the meet with Trevor part, which ended in a impromptu pub night in downtown. Trevor had already wrangled up a bunch of RBC'rs some I knew, and a few new ones, and what started as a pint, just kept going through two live performers and many many rounds. As per usual Erin laughed at me in the morning, apparently I am quite the proliferate thumb typist when out on the town. Anyways, it made for a late, but pleasant night, Trevor and his gang drink there often enough that they are now friends with the first act, who actually owns what is supposed to be a pretty hip indie music place of his own. Since I have a brain like a sieve I can't remember the name of the place, but it is 'cool.' We were supposed to end up there, but didn't.

Saturday was a take two on Friday, but before we got that far TWO of my friends gave birth whilst I was deep in slumber. Chris and Emma (Chris being that trouble maker Trevor's brother) welcomed into the world young miss Katie, who was in quite the hurry decided that 4 hours was more then enough warning of her intent to join us outside, to actually being here. Mom and baby are now how and doing well, although understandable tired.

Another friend relatively new friend Pierre and his wife (whom I actually haven't met yet,) welcomed Annabelle, who was actually in less of a hurry, and had happily grown to 12lbs 4oz... Pierre's wife is in a bit of discomfort, but recovering.

Both were born in the wee wee hours of the morn.

So with babies on the brain Erin and I did our own registry at Baby's R Us, I'd link it, but I can't seem too do so, but if you can in theory, when it is working, look up the registry under Erin's name. We then visited Chris and Emma at the hospital, Emma was out finally getting some rest, and Chris was masterfully handling the baby, I promise Emma, he caught her on the first bounce. :P )

We then did meet up with Trevor for the dinner and a movie, dinner being at our house, with a side of some board games, and chillen in the dark for earth hour, followed by that new gambling flick 21. Not the best casino movie ever made, but pretty good, the lead actor whose name slips my mind but was also in Across the Universe is pretty good, and someone to keep an eye on. Now maybe it was the haze of a busy day, and late prior night, but I have to concede missing the triple cross at the end which Erin had guessed would happen. So one point for Erin on the predictometer, I think that narrows my lead to only infinity - 1. :p

Sunday was more subdue, Erin is feeling better and now back to the gym, while I helped with the groceries. We then ran around did some errands and chores, then ended at Erin's parents for a nice dinner, and a show-and-tell on the many ongoing projects for 'Morgan's' room.

So not what I was expecting, but good.

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