Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Becel Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart

Hey folks, this is probably the first of many such notes, but I figured I would start early. I've registered for the Becel Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart once again. As the ride is June 1st, Erin thought she and 'Morgan' might just sit this one out, so I'm going to be riding for both of them. As last year Morgan didn't ride, and Erin did the 25k, that leaves me doing the 50k this year to make up the difference. :)

So here is my handy donation page, my goal this year is to do as well or better then last year (of Erin and my combined contribution total.) Which was about $500, so we will start there and see where we can go.

I think I said this around the time I did the Stair Climb, but I will say it again, I've moved from the Stair Climb to the Ride as my annual thing, not because I loath stairs, but because Heart and Stroke is a cause with which I can fully support. I think the United Way does a lot of great stuff, but I don't agree with it 100%, where as I know friends and families who have been touched by heart disease and who have been saved through research made possible like the Heart and Stroke Foundations, or other similar organizations. That alone would be reason enough to support them, but as a overweight, otherwise healthy Caucasian male, with a family history of various heart disease, I have a very pragmatic view that if I'm not careful heart disease will effect me more directly.

So with that particularly morbid though, or self serving pragmatism, I'm wholeheartedly (har har) supporting this cause, and thus fully trusting, relying, guilting my friends and family into supporting me.

So if you haven't read this post, you will be hearing from me in the coming months.

Until then, let the training begin!



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