Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Feel a Kinship with this Cake Tradition

While I don't have any memories of cakes of particularly 'cool' decoration, I was reminded of a tradition in the family, and that is of the destructo-birthday cake. Perhaps it is the warm August weather that tends to deflate angel food, and melt whip cream, but I have had a long series of interesting cakes over the years.

  • The glass filled cake

  • The melted compressed whip cream cake

  • The crunchiest crunch candy crunch candy cake

  • The cake covered in sulfurous us rocket exhaust cake

  • ...

  • There were many more interesting cakes over the year, but if you will pardon the joke, the last one really takes the cake...

    Anyways, fond fond memories, just sharing the link that recalled them to me.

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    Colin Peart said...

    That fits in the same meme.