Monday, March 26, 2007

Natasha Alexandra opening for David Usher

So as many know, went to see David Usher at the Mod Club, and it was a great show! I'm featured in some video's floating around YouTube taken by some of the more zealous fans who charged the state (so to speak.) David did a great show, and the venue is fantastic. More over the opening act, NLX (Natasha Alexandra) did a great set. She plays the synthasizer/keyboard and is backed up by a drummer. She has a unique voice which gives her music a character that stands her out from the crowd of female vocalists. Jenn and I picked up her two albums (and I owe Jenn some money there :) and I'm rocking out to them.

So here is my e-pimping of her music, and hopefully the linkage gets picked up by google spider and helps boost her site.

Anyways great show, check it out, and if you know me and wish to listen to her tunes I can probably lend you the disc.

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