Monday, March 19, 2007

Busy/Slow weekend

Can't decided, so I guess it was slow, punctuated with activity. Friday night was a crash night, as it often is. The house and its occupants just need to unwind. Frequently the cats are all "meow meow meow" so we didn't do much of anything.

Saturday was a very different story, we were up early, (but not early enough for breakfast) and out the door to help my friend Chris move into his new apartment. As moves go it was pretty damn easy, we had a ton of people, so we had one crew load the elevator and the other crew unload it at the top. Once we got going we worked pretty constantly, and it was done in not time. What followed was some Wii'ing, some Green Beer, and eventually lunch.

After lunch we ventured to Square One for some much needed Spring clothes shopping for Erin. She got some pretty cute stuff, and I got a healthy workout walking the length of the mall. I poked my nose in a few stores, and just shambled about aimlessly. After this pleasant afternoon of shopping I was arm twisted into more shopping. I was forced to shop for HDTV's (oh woe is me, my wife, she is sooooo cruel :)

Okay, I have over used that joke alllllll weekend, I was hardly forced, but it was her idea :) In her defense I have been talking at her about HDTVs for a while, but she hasn't been all the interested, and it just sounded like a big money hole. Now that she is ready to think about it, she wanted to be informed, so we spent some time with a sales rep just going over the models and styles of HDTV. To his credit, we said straight away that we were not going to buy, and just wanted information, and he didn't suddenly vanish.

So once educated we visited the counter to see the Harmony Remotes by Logitech. I've been wanting one of these for a while. In fact I have been wanting one of these for other people as well. For me I wanted the pure laziness of a the setup and control of all the systems I own, and Logitech has that. As for others, how many times have you heard yourself curse the way things are wired, or how to use that damn TV. Well the remote simplifies it all with macro buttons to "Watch TV," "Watch DVD," "Play XBox," etc. Anyways, for me, the time had come, and the stars aligned to have them on sale. So with Erin's blessing we picked up the Harmony 880 they also had the more reasonably priced 659, but we decided to go with the one with the rechargeable battery out of our evolving environmental philosophy.

Erin also picked up her reward to herself for completing her article for Genome BC which will be published in there educational site. So we had a busy busy afternoon, followed by a complete floomp at home, and it was a good floomp.

Sunday was pretty floompy too, followed by a nice dinner at my parents. So slow punctuated by a busy middle, but all and all good times. I'm sure more will come in the coming weeks with regard to a new HDTV, but probably not for a few weeks-months.


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