Friday, March 23, 2007

Fast and Furious

Well here I am back on the wagon, of sorts, and I got so highlights.

First off work, been working my butt of this week, I'm behind I think, but less behind then anyone else. We got a lot to do, and our time has been picked at from the edges, but we are buckling down and getting to it.

I've been reading a lot of Niel Gaiman, between two short story anthologies, Absolute Sandman Vol 1, his RSS Feed and now Marvel 1602, which is just amazing, except I don't get why Charles Xavier (aka Carlos Javier) has a pet dinosaur, everything else makes sense...

43 Hanna (my office) has been a freaking nightmare this week, we have had 2" steel conduit being installed over our heads (complete with dropping tools.) The banging actually wasn't the worst of it, it was the sound of the cable snake threading the tubes, that was grating. On top of that they were welding on the 3rd floor, and the vapours coming up between the board were enough to knock you on your ass. People don't get it when I say "this place is a construction site" so I'm going to get some pictures at lunch to show you all!

Facebook is the new crack, but not for me, I'm interested, and I'm a member, but I'm not hooked. I've elected to passively respond to all who come at me, but otherwise not actively forge links across the intraweb, its not that I don't want to talk to people, is just I can' only tend so many social networks, so twitter and this blog will have to do.

Fun with letters, Penny Arcade, is at it again with a silly little comic today. I'm waiting for the news post that threads it all together, but who else can connect Jack Thompson, racketeering, rocketeering and raconteur all in one seamless 3 panel strip, replete with helmet. Even I had to look up raconteur, but I think it may be a good word to describe me.

As for part two of my last post, it is coming, but I figure I can keep you in suspense for a wee little while longer. I may even one day follow with Skepticism and Atheism, but I think I need to know more before I can talk about them. They seem so simple concepts, and yet they are not. Much like Transformers, more then meets the eyes.

On that nostalgic note, Erin, Trevor, Ellie, and I are going to TMNT tonight. For those who are perplexed, I will repeat verbatim the email I sent my beguiling wife.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
TEENAGE Mutant Ninja Turtles,
Heroes on the half shell,

Clearly a movie of great import to geneticist...

Following on tonights adventures will be David Usher tomorrow night at the Mod Club. There will be no pictures of that from me, I can tell you now my camera doesn't work in the dark. I really want to drop it by accident so that I can buy the Canon Digital Elph 700IS (or something like that,) but I just can continence the malicious waste of a good camera, so I wait for its natural death.

One of these days I should re do my list of pod casts, because they have changed dramatically, especially due to some podfading, Tiki Bar I'm looking at you!

Any ways thats the news.

Nope wait I forgot my point, back about David Usher, Strange Birds is pretty good, the one thing that both Erin and I caught was Ugly is Beautiful sounds a hellofalot like a Moist song, now it actually doesn't on listening to the song, but damn skippy there is something in the way he says beautiful that makes by my recall something else.

Now were done

and cut!


Pursuer of Happiness said...

Facebook as the new crack, indeed.

I had been ignoring the invites for some time, thinking it was just another one of the social network fads, but when a collection of contacts from different venues all arived at the same time, I admitted it seems to have gotten well beyond critical mass at this point, and seems to be in mainstream chain reaction now. And by that route, I came upon the blog here...

Unknown said...

Yeah I prefer this to facebook, but facebook finds people. So I do both (and pretty much every other bloody thing eventually.) Except myspace, never myspace.